Endre Kovács

Born 11 September 1947 in Budapest.
Following his secondary school studies, Endre Kovács studied photography with István Petrás, specialising in documenting artworks. He worked for the Hungarian National Gallery, as well as contributing to Hungarian art magazines and publishing houses (Művészet, Corvina).
During this period, between 1966 and 1974, he took an active part in the Hungarian avant-garde movements of the period and worked as photographer and member of Studio Kassák (subsequently Squat Theatre).
He participated in exhibitions and photography competitions (Bergamo, Cologne and the Young Artists Club in Budapest). In 1971 he won an award at a national photography competition.

In 1974 he moved to Lausanne, Switzerland. He was admitted to the Geneva Art Academy (Ecole Supérieure d’Art Visuel), where he received his degree in 1980 from the audiovisual film and video department. He made short films and worked both as an assistant director and as an assistant director of photography in Switzerland and France. He oscillated between documenting artworks in photography and photographic art in its own right, i.e., he collaborated with museums, galleries and publishing houses, as well as exhibiting his own photos in solo and group shows.
In 1993, he returned to Hungary, and since then has lived by the Balaton Lake, in Alsóörs.
As a filmmaker, he is associated with the Hungarian Duna/Danube Television, and as a photographer he publishes albums/books and takes part in exhibitions.

He is a member of the National Society of Hungarian Artists and the Association of Hungarian Photo Artists.

Puglia 1992.

Photo: Judit Kovács


Kovács Endre
Loki út 24.
H-8226 Alsóörs
Lakás: 06 87 447 226
Mobil: +36 30 274 8171

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